Mitsubishi Motors produces 100,000th fully electric mini-vehicle

TOKYO: The cumulative production of the Mitsubishi Motors eK X EV and Nissan Sakura electric mini-vehicles have hit a record 100,000 units just after one year and 10 months since manufacturing began.

The eK X EV and Nissan Sakura began production in May 2022 at Mitsubishi Motors' Mizushima Plant and reached a cumulative production volume of 50,000 units in its first year, and today has achieved 100,000 units in less than two years.

The vehicles have been recognized by numerous automotive industry awards as an ideal form of mobility in accelerating Japan toward decarbonization.

A model symbolic of the successful partnership with Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors is committed to further improving the production quality of the eK X EV and Nissan Sakura.

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