My Porsche app gets major update

STUTTGART: Porsche is updating the My Porsche app, the command centre for the digital management and control of a Porsche.

It allows users to access vehicle functions, control charging processes and perform route planning before the trip using their smartphones.

Now the app has been extensively revised with the aim of optimising operation and deeper integration of the app in the customer’s digital ecosystem.

The home screen of the My Porsche app has been completely revamped.

Developers were guided by the practical experiences, desires and requirements of customers. The new home screen in the My Porsche app offers more information, a clearer overview and more functions.

Users will find relevant information at first glance and can start many functions directly from the home screen via the Quick Actions.

The number of Quick Actions varies depending on the model. In electric vehicles, for example, a charging widget combines all the relevant charging functions of the app in a single location.

Taycan 2 Functions EN

A scroll function and prioritisation of elementary functions create the space for direct access to frequently used features.

Porsche is the first vehicle manufacturer to integrate vehicle functions within an app in Apple CarPlay, thereby creating an innovative, personalised user experience.

The functions include setting up audio sound profiles, changing radio stations, changing the air conditioning settings and controlling the ambient lighting.

Also new is the Performance Dashboard, with which Porsche customers can call up performance data in real time in CarPlay. This includes top speed, G forces, efficiency, average speed, distance and distance travelled with zero emissions.

The combination of vehicle functions with the CarPlay experience also makes it possible to control many vehicle functions using Siri voice control, which can be activated directly via the steering wheel button.

The connection between the iPhone and the vehicle is quick and uncomplicated via the My Porsche app. At the request of many customers, Porsche is now making this functionality available retroactively to more than 400,000 existing vehicles. The technical prerequisite for this is activating PCM 6.0.

Apple Maps EV routing, which is already available for Taycan models in the US, is now being rolled out to more cars in countries around the world.

Watch 1 EN Kilometer

Maps EV routing in CarPlay takes into account the vehicle’s state of charge, and analyzes elevation changes and other factors along a route to suggest suitable charging locations and estimated charging times.

With the My Porsche app for the Apple Watch, Porsche is fulfilling yet another frequent customer request.

The app provides access to information about the vehicle and vehicle status as well as pre-climatisation, locking and unlocking the vehicle right from the wrist. Logon uses the personal Porsche ID.
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