New Bentley Flying Spur's touchscreen remote is luxury for fingertips

By CARSIFU | 10 April 2020

LONDON: The new Flying Spur’s multi-functional Touch Screen Remote is being touted to afford rear seat occupants unprecedented control over the car’s extensive range of luxury features with redefined precision control over passenger comfort.

Encapsulating the remarkable details with the use of latest generation technology to define the user experience of the Flying Spur’s handcrafted cabin, its Touch Screen Remote (TSR) has been finished in polished metal embellished with diamond knurling.

Bentley Flying Spur Touch Screen Remote - 01

At the touch of a button, the TSR deploys itself from above the rear centre console that's held in place by integrated magnets for the rear seat passengers.

The handheld TSR comes with a quad-core processor and 1GB of onboard RAM with a 1280 x 720-pixel display to form the interface.

The TSR comes equipped with a three-axis accelerometer and a proximity sensor combined with haptic feedback and a 3200mAh Lithium-Polymer battery for longer-lasting operation.

Bentley Flying Spur Touch Screen Remote - 02

From the comfort of their seat, passengers are able to configure their 14-way adjustable backrest and cushion and control the six-setting seat heating and ventilation system as well as the five massage functions and an armrest heating system from the single screen.

The TSR also grants passengers full control of the air conditioning functions individually for both sides of the rear passenger compartment, including fan speed, temperature, air distribution and ionisers.

Cabin lighting can be controlled either by day or by night where the TSR controls the Flying Spur’s glass-to-glass panoramic sunroof and windows to allow natural light to flood the cabin.

Bentley Flying Spur Touch Screen Remote - 03

Alternatively, for a more subdued setting and for greater privacy, the Panoramic Sunshade and Rear Window Blinds are just a touch away.

With optional Mood Lighting, rear seat occupants can tailor the ambient colour and intensity to their personal choice while storing the preferred settings as favourites.

The optional 2,200W 18-speaker 'Naim for Bentley' audio system is also accessible via the TSR.

Bentley Flying Spur Touch Screen Remote - 04

Not to mention, rear seat occupants can access a variety of driver information via the TSR that includes current speed, journey information, outside temperature and a complete navigation interface.

As a final feature, the Flying Spur’s Flying B mascot that adorns the bonnet can be retracted or deployed via the TSR, allowing the user to modify the front face of their car on demand.

Bentley Flying Spur Touch Screen Remote - 05