New BYD e2 hatchback debuts at lower starting price

BEIJING: BYD on Wednesday expanded its "Honor" series with the introduction of the e2 Honor Edition, offering two variants with a range of 405km (CLTC cycle).

The electric hatcback now starts at 89,800 yuan (RM58,514)or some 12% cheaper than before, highlighting the competitive pricing in China's electric vehicle (EV) market.

It's a little bigger than before, being 4,260mm long, 1,760mm wide and 1,530mm tall and with a 2,610 mm wheelbase. It is about the size of the Volvo EX30.

The e2 Honor Edition, part of BYD's Ocean series, features over 12 advanced specifications including blade battery technology, a heat pump HVAC system, NFC car key integration, and fast charging.

2024-03-14 17_09_26-BYD-e2-3.webp (1400×700)

Design-wise, it sports a refreshed look with a new grille, sleek headlights, and an aerodynamic profile. Inside, it boasts a minimalist interior with upgraded infotainment options and a full LCD dashboard display.

Unique features include smartphone NFC unlocking and VTOL technology, BYD's version of vehicle-to-load function that allows a user to power such items as home appliances or power tools at a discharge rate of up to 3.3kW.

The vehicle uses the e-platform 3.0 with an integrated electric powertrain, enhancing efficiency and performance. It is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a 70 kW output. BYD is working on a new e-platform 4.0 that will further drive costs down.

The car features a high-strength structure and the high-safety LFP blade battery, ensuring a balance between safety and energy density.

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