New Ferrari 812 Superfast limited edition delivers brutal performance

By DPA | 22 April 2021

MARANELLO: A new special edition of Ferrari's 812 Superfast production flagship features the most powerful petrol engine ever fitted to a road-going car from the Maranello factory.

Owners can expect brutal performance from the tweaked V12 which unleashes 830hp at a screaming 9,500 revolutions.

Most combustion engines would blow up if forced to spin to such limits but Ferrari said it has redesigned many of the unit's key components, enabling them to take the strain. Changes include new valve-timing and a revamped exhaust system.

Naturally, the car offers visual and mechanical updates compared to the standard issue. Ferrari has altered the aerodynamics to give the Superfast a more hardcore look.

The glass rear screen has been ditched in favour of a single-piece aluminium structure which creates a backbone effect that underscores the car's sculptural forms.

A carbon-fibre blade that traverses the bonnet makes it seem shorter, emphasising the width of the car, and the tail now has a more powerful, fastback look despite sharing the 812 Superfast's silhouette and proportions.

The special edition is aimed at passionate, well-heeled Ferrari collectors and a low production run is expected. Pricing has not been revealed but the special edition is likely to cost a whole lot more than the Superfast's already hefty list price of around US$363,000 (RM1.5mil).

The model's name and further technical information will be revealed on May 5 during a live-streamed event on Ferrari’s social media channels.