New Lexus LM set for Shanghai reveal

By CARSIFU | 12 April 2023

TOKYO: Lexus has announced it will debut the all-new LM, a flagship MPV, at the Shanghai auto show on April 18.

In advance of the unveiling of this new luxury vehicle, Lexus has released a teaser image showing some of the unique design elements.

The teaser image suggests the new LM is a second-generation Toyota Alphard that will be luxe up.

Compared to the first-gen LM of 2019, the new one sports changes in the rear pillar, quarter glass and taillights.

It's possible that Toyota may want to put even more distance between the LM and Alphard by penning a distinctly different design language from the latter. But that is the realm of speculation for now and we will have to wait for the offcial reveal to get the facts.

In China where the rich have a soft spot for big and ostentatious cars, Lexus is well positioned to meet that need.

The outgoing LM, full specced with four seats, can cost more than US$200,000 in China.