New Lexus RX shows up

TOKYO: Lexus has premiered its new luxury crossover, the RX, online to the globe on June 1.

The new RX is a pioneer in the luxury crossover market and has undergone a complete renewal as a core Lexus model.

The original RX 300 started a new segment-the luxury crossover-when it debuted in North America in 1998. Building upon this, in 2005, Lexus launched its first HEV model, the RX400h, the world's first hybrid luxury crossover.

By 2030, Lexus targets to have full lineup of battery electric cars in all categories, and sell only all-electric cars by 2035.

In the latest RX, Lexus set out to create a car that was fun to drive and one that could give plenty of driver feedback.


The "Lexus Driving Signature" evolves even further by thoroughly improving the vehicle's fundamentals, while maintaining the refined ride and high level of quietness that are the basis of the Lexus brand.

A variety of powertrains are now available namely a 2.4-litre turbocharged HEV DIRECT4; a 2.5-litre PHEV E-Four; a 2.5-litre HEV E-Four/FF and a 2.4-litre turbocharged AWD.

Following the RZ, DIRECT4 all-wheel drive force system using electrification technology is available on the new RX500h F SPORT Performance.

The four-wheel drive control works with a newly developed hybrid electric system to maximise the front and rear wheel grip and provide posture control.

This variant is powered by the 2.4-litre turbocharged HEV DIRECT4 with rear high output eAxle motor. It has rear wheel steering for high maneuverability and high speed stability.


With DIRECT4, drivers will notice a direct, and torque-filled driving experience.

The "spindle body" grille provides ample cooling with a powerful design style that conveys the new driving experience.

The interior design is created around a human-centered concept, which aims to create a deeper connection between driver and car, whilst offering a spacious and comfortable passenger space.

To create a driver focused SUV, the new RX features a combination of high rigidity and light weight with optimal weight distribution.


It is based on the GA-K platform which is equipped with multi-link rear suspension for high dynamic performance.

The side and rear design with a low centre of gravity and a planted stance reflects a new driving experience

Safety features include the advanced preventive safety technology called Lexus Safety System+.

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