New MINI Cooper starts production

LONDON: Production of the fifth-generation MINI Cooper started on Monday at its Oxford plant, the birthplace of MINI.

The launch event featured MINI head Stefanie Wurst and a special appearance by Charlie Cooper, the grandson of the iconic John Cooper.

The new Cooper, introduced as the third addition to the MINI family alongside the MINI Cooper Electric and the new MINI Countryman, is available in two variants: the standard Cooper C and the performance-oriented Cooper S.

Charlie Cooper with Wurst and the new Cooper model.
Charlie Cooper with Wurst and the new Cooper model.

Emphasizing a blend of classic brand values with modern technology, the design boasts traditional MINI aesthetics with clear surfaces, minimal overhangs, and a contrastingly long wheelbase.

The minimalist interior focuses on three elements: a circular OLED display, the new Vescin steering wheel, and the toggle bar, starting at £22,300 (RM134,000) with deliveries expected in spring 2024.


UK production involves all three BMW Group UK plants. The Swindon plant produces body pressings and sub-assemblies, while the latest highly-efficient three and four-cylinder petrol engines are built at Hams Hall in north Warwickshire. These parts come together at Oxford where body shell production, paint and final assembly take place.

Since the launch of the first modern MINI in 2001, over 4.4 million MINIs have been produced in Britain - including 150,000 MINI Electric models which were built between 2019 and 2023.

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