New Rolls Royce Ghost ready to be bespoked from RM1.45mil

LONDON: The epitome of luxury on four wheels that is Rolls-Royce has launched its latest iteration of the Ghost.

The new Ghost sits between the British coachbuilder's driver-oriented Wraith and the brand's flagship chauffeur-oriented Phantom while priced at RM1.45mil before taxes, duties and bespoked options.

The new Ghost arrives practically revamped from the bottom up with only the Spirit of Ecstasy and umbrellas carried forward from its predecessor.

Rolls Royce Ghost - 03

The Ghost is known for its dual personality. On the one side, its handling prowess is deemed impressive, but not enough that it'll outdo the Wraith's abilities and yet it'll have enough comfort and opulence as a chauffeur-driven vehicle without outshining the Phantom.

Structurally, Ghost uses the marque's latest proprietary aluminium spaceframe architecture that's been hand-welded together - much like that of the Phantom and Cullinan.

The 2,495kg (kerb) Ghost has grown in overall size to 5,635mm-long (+89mm), 1,978mm-wide (+30mm) and 1,571mm-tall (+21mm) - all while sitting on a 3,295mm wheelbase.

Power comes from a 6.75-litre twin-turbo V12 producing 563bhp at 5,000rpm and 850Nm of torque from 1,600rpm for the all-wheel-drive system with all-wheel steer capability for added stability.

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Rolls Royce Ghost - 02

Unpleasant road surfaces are removed by the combination of the marque's Flagbearer system that scans the road surfaces for imperfections and feeds the information to the Magic Carpet Ride system which in turn tells how the new Planar Suspension System should react in order to provide a stable and effortless ride.

These technologies are managed as one through a bespoke Planar software system.

Combining this with the self-levelling air-suspension, stability control and the self-drying braking systems, this sounds like a ride that can never be replicated or matched.

Rolls Royce Ghost - 05

New comfort and convenience features for the Ghost now includes self-opening doors in addition to the self-closing doors where clients first open the door with one pull of the interior handle, then allow the handle to return to its resting position while they check for potential hazards, and then pull and hold it for full power assistance on opening.

Once the door is opened sufficiently for the client’s exit, they simply stop pulling the handle, which engages a door brake.

After alighting from the Ghost, they are able to close the door completely automatically at the push of a button on the exterior door handle.

The cabin's air quality now benefits from a new Micro-environment Purification System (MEPS).

Rolls Royce Ghost - 04

MEPS uses Impurity Detection Sensors found within the cabin to detect the ambient air quality.

The system can automatically switch to Recirculation Mode and with the use of a nanofleece filter, it can remove nearly all ultra-fine particles from the cabin in under two-minutes if unacceptable levels of airborne contaminants are present.

The cabin is further equipped with Wi-Fi hotspot, self-park, navigation and entertainment systems.

In terms of safety, the Ghost comes equipped with LED and laser headlights that can provide up to 600m of illumination as well as vision assist, day-and night-time wildlife and pedestrian warning.

Rolls Royce Ghost - 09
Rolls Royce Ghost - 13

There's also alertness assistant, a quad-camera system that provides three viewing angles of panoramic, all-round visibility and helicopter (360-degree) view.

While on the road, drives get a 7x3 high-resolution heads-up display, active cruise control, collision warning, cross-traffic warning, lane departure and lane change warning.

To further refine the cabin's acoustic properties, the air intake system incorporated a larger port to further reduce the engine's presence within the interior along with more than 100kg of acoustic damping materials for the doors, roof, double-glazed windows, tyres and nearly all of the structural cavities.

Even the 507-litre boot cavity had ports built beneath it to help silence the cabin further.

Rolls Royce Ghost - 14

From there, all interior components were assessed and subsequently redesigned if unacceptable levels of noise were detected - the inside of the air conditioning ducting and prop-shaft were adjusted to help improve acoustics.

Although perfect silence was created, the experience was found to be disorientating, which is why the engineers created the 'whisper' which is a soft undertone that is experienced as a single, subtle note to act as a countermeasure.

With the cabin silenced, the stage was set for the 18 magnesium-ceramic compound speakers of the Bespoke Audio system that's monitored by two active microphones that will adjust the loudness of the speakers.

Rolls Royce Ghost - 15

The system effectively uses the cabin as an active subwoofer that's driven by an 18-channel, 1,300W amplifier while back-seat occupants enjoy the Starlight Headliner.

Now, occupants are able to enjoy the cabin's environment that's brings together the finest leathers, woods and metals.

Budding clients will, of course, have access to an almost limitless collection of possibilities that is the Bespoke Collective.

Also included within the seemingly never-ending options list is the newly created Illuminated Fascia - a world-first innovation, that partners up beautifully with the effects of the Starlight Headliner.

Rolls Royce Ghost - 06


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