New Toyota 4Runner with roll-down rear window to be unveiled on April 9

HOUSTON: Toyota has announced that the sixth-generation 4Runner SUV will debut on April 9 after two weeks of tease-and-show.

The upcoming model, which replaces its 15-year-old predecessor, aims to maintain the momentum of a sales surge that began in 2014, even as the automotive landscape evolves.

The 4Runner, known for its robust body-on-frame construction, will continue to feature its distinctive roll-down rear window, a highlight that combines functionality with a touch of novelty.

Based on Toyota's TGNA-F truck platform, shared with the likes of the new Land Cruiser, Tacoma, Tundra, Sequoia, and Lexus GX and LX, the new 4Runner is poised to slot beneath the Land Cruiser in Toyota's off-road lineup.

Speculation suggests it will inherit powertrains from the Tacoma, including a base 2.4-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, potentially complemented by a future hybrid option.

The engine configurations vary, offering 220hp in the base model and up to 326hp with the hybrid i-Force Max powertrain.

In the run-up to its official reveal, Toyota has teased enthusiasts with glimpses of the SUV's design, including a roof rack and a chunky roofline spoiler, alongside a large central screen that adds modernity to the interior.

This screen, housed independently on the dashboard, marks a departure from the integrated approach seen in the Land Cruiser, suggesting a tailored experience for 4Runner drivers.

Toyota is expected as usual to offer the 4Runner in several trims.
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