New window tinting standard facing resistance

By THE STAR | 10 October 2017

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysia Window Film Association (MWFA) is concerned over the implementation of a new standard on tint film for automotive windows that is set to take effect from Jan 1, 2018.

“We are urging the respective government ministries and agencies to review the MS2669 standard which was developed without industry players’ input and to defer the implementation of testing and QR code security labels through QAV Technologies.

"Any future discussion on this matter ought to include representatives from MWFA as industry representative,” said MWFA president Syed Hafiz Jamalullail.

The MS2669 standard was set by the Department of Standards Malaysia and will feature the implementation of QR Code security labels, which, when scanned with a compatible phone app, provide certain information to enforcement officers such as specifications of the film.

“There are already two government bodies (JPJ and Sirim) and one private company (Puspakom) to monitor and approve the window film before it goes on the road.

"Why don’t we strengthen these three bodies with vital input from the industry players rather than having a new set up, namely AAA and QAV Technologies just for this purpose?” Syed Hafiz queried.