Newly-registered EVs to get dedicated number plate series

KUALA LUMPUR: The government will issue a dedicated number plate series for newly-registered electric vehicles (EVs) but current owners will have an option to maintain their existing plates.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke said the new number plates would make it easier to identify EVs in case of an accident as it required a different way of dealing with them.

As for early EV adopters, the new number plates will be made optional and the mechanism for this will be announced within the year.

"We are looking at the mechanism and one of the key challenges is that when we roll out the new (EV) plates, it will come out with a new series.

"Those with an existing number (plate) will like to keep it because they spent money to buy it. If we change that and take back the number, they will not be happy with it," explained Loke.

Loke stressed that once the EV numbers plates are available, it is highly encouraged that current EV owners adopt the new ones.

"What is most important is that once the new EV plates are rolled out, it will be compulsory for new EVs to adopt them," said Loke.

As for the EV road tax structure, Loke said he hopes an announcement can be made before the end of April and expects it to be more affordable compared to a vehicle with an internal combustion engine (ICE). This is to help further encourage the adoption of EVs.

While road tax for EVs is free until the end of 2025, the Transport Minister admitted that the current challenge still remains in comparing the displacement of an ICE vehicle with an EV's motor (and battery).

Loke witnessed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Warisan Tan Chong Automotif (WTCA) Sdn Bhd and GAC Motor International Co Ltd.

GAC or Guangzhou Automobile Group Co Ltd is a state-owned automaker based in Guangzhou, China.

The MoU outlines the start of feasibility studies for two new completely knocked-down (CKD or locally assembled) vehicle assembly projects in the country and is expected to be completed by July.

WTCA was represented by its parent company, WTC Holdings Bhd’s chief executive officer Tan Keng Meng, while GAC Motor International was represented by its president, Feng Xingya.
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