Nio ET7 with ultra long range battery completes 1000+km on a single charge

SHANGHAI: China's Nio has achieved a feat recently that can only be good for its sales.

Its founder, chairman and CEO William Li managed to drive a Nio ET7 over 1,000km on a single battery charge on Dec 17.

The feat will remind you of a similar stunt by the Mercedes-Benz EQXX prototype in early 2022.

Making the trip possible was Nio’s latest Ultra long range 150kWh battery pack.


The 14-hour journey began here to Xiamen, a city on the southeast coast of China.

Li was joined by Nio Power senior vice president Dr Fei Shen and Tencent News general manager Chenxia Huang.

After a short stopover and driver swap, the ET7 reached Xiamen having used 97% of its battery life during the 1,044-km trip, despite the particularly cold temperatures – a factor usually associated with reduced electric vehicle battery performance and range.

The battery pack is the world's first pouch format cell CTP Pack with a cell energy density of up to 360Wh/kg, marking the highest capacity and energy density for mass produced production car battery packs in China.

The new battery is compatible with all Nio electric vehicles through Nio Power's chargeable, upgradable and swappable power service system, and Nio users will be provided with flexible options for upgrading the batteries when needed.

As of Dec 19, Nio has 2,322 power swap stations worldwide: 2,289 in China and 33 in Europe, with the latest opened on Dec 18 in Amsterdam. On Dec 16, Nio also performed its 34 millionth battery swap operation - equivalent to one swap every 1.4 seconds.

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