Nissan EV billed as among world’s great transport innovations of last 90 years

LONDON: The world's first mass-market electric vehicle has secured its place among some of the world's greatest transport innovations according to a survey conducted by Nissan to mark its 90th birthday last week.

Since the company was founded, on Dec 26, 1933, Nissan has established a storied history of pioneering electric vehicles, performance cars and crossovers over the last nine decades.

From the 1947 Tama electric vehicle, via the LEAF – the world's first mass-market EV in 2010 – to recently revealed future EV concepts like the Hyper Punk and Hyper Urban, the company said it is striving to enrich people's lives.

To mark its 90 years of automotive success, Nissan commissioned a OnePoll survey of 2,000 UK adults to find out people's opinions on a list of other significant transport innovations of the last 90 years – with the opening of the Channel Tunnel, Concorde's first flight and the invention of satnav coming out on top.

The electrification of the London Underground, the first modern hovercraft and the first zebra crossing also ranked in the top 30.


Looking to the future, the study showed that 69 per cent think that new technologies will play a big part in reducing the environmental impact of transportation in this country.

The survey also revealed that 27 per cent are in favour of introducing artificial intelligence into the car industry, while 29 per cent hold the same views for public transport.

With artificial intelligence (AI) becoming increasingly commonplace in day-to-day life, Nissan has utilised the technology to bring its 90-year heritage to life by imagining transport scenes that compare the Tama, its first ever electric car in 1947, to the modern-day Ariya EV.

The Nissan LEAF featured at number 19 on the list, while EVs specifically were voted as the innovation that holds the most promise for the future of UK sustainability. A third of those polled also believe the motor industry has undergone the most exciting changes over the past nine decades - compared to aviation, rail, and cycling.


More sustainable road travel (38 per cent), scientific advancement (16 per cent), and employment opportunities (11 per cent) were also seen as the biggest opportunities within the EV industry.

Seventy percent of those surveyed believe transport innovations have had a positive impact on their own lives, and 54 per cent claim it has made travelling easier for them.

Almost three quarters (71 per cent) agree it has improved their ability to travel and commute up and down the country, and staying connected with family and friends has become easier for 30 per cent.

What's more, 41 per cent of those polled have been able to save time on their journeys, and 43 per cent are able to travel to longer distance locations thanks to the various innovations.

Transport innovations of the last 90 years

1976 - Concorde makes first passenger-carrying supersonic flight
1957 - First flight of a commercial jet airliner
1994 - The opening of the channel tunnel
1958 - First commercial jet airliner
1981 - Maiden flight of the space shuttle
1960 - Launch of the first Sat Nav
1951 - Creation of power steering
1988 - First airbag
1934 - Introduction of the Driving Test
1955 - Creation of the Hovercraft
1959 - The first three-point seat belt
2022 - First zero-emissions electric flight takes place
1939 - First practical helicopter built
1949 - First zebra crossing
1971 - The Lunar Roving vehicle is used on the moon
1964 - Launch of the Bullet Train
1939 - Creation of automatic transmission
1967 - Automatic Train Operation: London Underground
2010 - Launch of the world's first mass-produced electric car
1984 - Driverless Cars
1953 - First air conditioning in a car
2022 - First railway line run by hydrogen-powered trains
1971 - ABS technology first used on a car
1940 - First electric bus delivered
2003 - First automatic parking
2016 - First hydrogen-powered flight
1984 - First car with a CD player
2001 - First hands-free Bluetooth kit
2018 - First driverless trams tested
1958 - Creation of cruise control

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