Nissan Formula E Team unveils 'Electric Legacy' soundtrack

YOKOHAMA: Experience the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship through music tailored for the occasion.

As part of a special collaboration with Nissan Formula E Team for the 2023/24 Formula E season, German contemporary composer Mathias Rehfeldt will infuse the essence of Formula E into a series of vibrant music tracks titled "Electric Legacy".

The perfect soundtrack for anyone's pre-race rituals, Nissan Formula E Team and Rehfeldt have used AI-generated sounds from electric racing, combined with electronic synth and instrumental melodies, to craft a track that captures the electric motorsport.

In addition, radio excerpts between the pit crew and the Nissan Formula E Team drivers were woven into the soundtrack, adding a layer of realism. Often called the "universal language", Nissan Formula E Team aspires to use music to reach newer, younger audiences and showcase the excitement, culture and sharp innovation behind Formula E – a sustainable motorsport that's skyrocketing in popularity.

"Formula E is an exhilarating fusion of cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and electrifying competition, and bringing this all to life through music has been an incredible experience," said Rehfeldt.

"This track aims to connect diverse audiences and celebrate the universal appeal of Formula E, while also demonstrating the modernity of Formula E vehicles. Through this soundtrack, I wanted to mirror Nissan's pioneering spirit in electric mobility and create a track that will evoke the same excitement and feeling fans get when watching the sport."

Across a series of soundtracks, the collaboration across Season 10 will reflect the diverse and global nature of the Formula E calendar. "Electric Legacy" will be released in localised adaptations for Tokyo, Misano, Monaco, Berlin, London and other key cities – all made specifically to reflect the cultural nuances, fan attitudes, and spirit of each city.

With the first city infused version created for the Tokyo Race in March (available here) the track has now been altered to create a new variant for the upcoming Italian e-Prix at Misano, reflecting the atmosphere and ambience of the Italian culture.

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