Nissan Lightfoot Quest 2024: Fun and frugal Nissan Almera Turbo in action

PETALING JAYA: While frugal fuel consumption are usually associated with small hatchbacks, the recently held Nissan Lightfoot Quest 2024 showed that the feat is also possible with sedans - in this case the Nissan Almera 1.0L Turbo VLT.

During the fuel efficiency challenge, a Almera Turbo VLT achieved 28.61km per litre.


The challenge saw 30 teams comprising of 21 owners and nine members of the media travelling over 200km from the Nissan 3S (sales, service and spare parts) Flagship Store in Petaling Jaya, Selangor to BHP Bandar Seri Botani in Ipoh, Perak.

To ensure a level playing field set within real-world conditions, each car had to have a passenger and abide by traffic rules.


Meanwhile, the fuel tank, climate controls and tyre pressure had been preset and sealed off with tamper-proof stickers.

Additionally, the Almera Turbo were required to be in its original unmodified condition upon rolling off the factory floor and had to be manufactured between 2020 and this year.


The vehicles had to adhere to a stipulated route and complete the journey within three hours.

In the customer category, Muhammad Nifail Basri managed to achieve 28.61km per litre to win first prize of RM1,500 in cash and RM1,500 worth of BHPetrol vouchers.


First runner-up was Simon Wong Hong Liang who clocked 27.31km per litre to win RM1,000 cash and RM1,000 worth of BHPetrol vouchers.

Matthew Alexander came in at third with 27.14km per litre and took home RM500 in cash and RM500 worth of BPetrol vouchers.


The media category saw Gan Yong Li and Muhammad Sharil Tarmize of achieve 28.20km per litre to take home the first prize of RM700 in cash and RM800 BHPetrol vouchers.

Second was Foong Chin Yen and Faisal Ariff Fadzil of with 27.15km per litre and was awarded RM500 in cash and RM500 worth of BHPetrol vouchers.


Ahmad Syukran Zainuddin and Erywan Nor Shal of managed to squeeze out 26.60km per litre and were awarded third prize of RM300 in cash and RM200 in BHPetrol vouchers.

Although we were able to complete the deed within the stipulated time with 6.997 litres of fuel used for an efficiency level to 28.68km per litre over a distance of 200.7km travelled, an accidental knee-strike caused the tamper-proof seal on a makeshift box covering the climate controls to tear off and lead to our disqualification.


This fuel economy run demonstrated that the Almera is a highly fuel efficient car in its B-segment.

At RM95,888 (on-the-road without insurance), the Almera Turbo's three-cylinder HR10DET 1.0-litre (999cc) turbocharged engine comes with a Mirror Bore Coating that is also used in the Nissan GT-R (R35)'s engine to significantly reduce the effects of efficiency-robbing heat.


Also contributing to the overall drive efficiency is the Almera Turbo's Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmission with D-Step Logic and Sport Mode.

"Not only is the Almera Turbo stylish and fun to drive, its technologically advanced turbocharged powertrain allows it to be responsive yet frugal in everyday use," said Edaran Tan Chong Motor chief executive officer Khoo Cheng Pah.

With RON95 petrol price expected to be rationalised soon, having a fuel efficient car will be easier on the wallet.
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