Nissan shows how its all-electric Leaf fights air pollution

TOKYO: Nissan says that its fully-electric Leaf has managed to same more than 2.0-tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) since 2010.

This proves that electric vehicles have become a sustainable alternative in addressing air pollution.

According to a 2019 report that if air pollution can be curbed through measures, millions of lives could have been saved.

The report also indicated that approximately 4.0bil people in Asia and Oceania – 92% of Asia and the Pacific’s population, are exposed to air pollution levels that pose a significant health risk.

This was further highlighted with the February 2020 launch of the world’s largest real-time air quality data bank under the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) indicating that much of the region remains in ‘unhealthy’ air quality levels.

With reference to a 2019 state global air report, air pollution is now globally the fifth leading cause of death among all health risks and according to "Our World in Data", 9% of deaths have been attributed to it.

To address this as part of the commitment to reduce CO2 emissions, Nissan has collected analysis of the impact its vehicle has had worldwide since it debuted in 2010.

At the same time, there is compelling data to demonstrate how electric mobility can be part of solutions to address air pollution levels.

According to the data, just one electric vehicle (EV) can save 4.6.tonnes of greenhouse gases each year which is equivalent to planting 209 trees.

To date, more than 460,000 Leaf owners globally have contributed to around 2.1mil tonnes of CO2 saved, which requires more than 81mil trees to process in a year.

Also, the Leaf has managed to cover over 13bil emission-free kilometres - which is the same as driving to the moon more than 33,800 times.

With a 55% reduction in current CO2 emissions needed by 2030 to halt global warming, Nissan is saying that 2020 could be the catalyst year of change for consumers by switching to an EV and make an impact in reducing air pollution.

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