Nvidia expands its reach in China's EV sector

DETROIT: Nvidia said four Chinese electric vehicle brands will use its technology as the brains for automated driving systems, underscoring the US chip maker's determination to expand in China despite Washington's tighter export rules.

Chinese automakers Li Auto, Great Wall Motor, Zeekr and the new EV unit of Chinese telecommunications company Xiaomi will use Nvidia's DRIVE technology to power automated driving, Nvidia said on Monday at the CES technology conference in Las Vegas.

China's rising EV brands are a key market for Nvidia's automotive technology business.

Chinese automakers are racing each other to launch more advanced in-vehicle infotainment displays and automated driving functions.

NVIDIA Orin press

That's created a growth opportunity for Nvidia, Intel, Qualcomm and other semiconductor manufacturers.

Nvidia and its US-based rivals face challenges meeting demands from Chinese customers for powerful chips, while remaining in compliance with tighter US controls on exports of advanced semiconductors to China.

In related CES announcements, Nvidia said it is working with advertising giant WPP, Lotus and six other companies to develop more advanced online shopping tools.

Using Nvidia technology, automakers and dealers hope to create online shopping sites with three dimensional graphics and more lifelike graphics, said Danny Shapiro, Nvidia's vice president for automotive.
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