Ora Good Cat now offered in new 'Pistachio Green' colour

KUALA LUMPUR: The Ora Good Cat electric hatchback is now available in green, according to a statement today by distributor Great Wall Motor (GWM).

The Pistachio Green colour is exclusive to the 500 Ultra variant. A lower-end 400 Pro variant is also sold in Malaysia.

The model also come in six other colours:  Sun Black, Mars Red, Verdant Green, Hamilton White, Coral Blue and Em Beige.

GWM unveiled the car in the new colour today at its roadshow in Sunway Velocity Mall here. Twenty units of the car in that colour were sold on the first day of its introduction, said GWM.

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The exterior is paired with a two-tone green-beige interior.

The cabin sports a paw-shaped design this time and is located on the centre armrest. It is complemented by orange colour air conditioning vent cover and pistachio green and beige steering wheel. All seats are adorned with a Houndstooth pattern, with the outer cushions accented with an orange trim.

The Ora Good Cat in Pistachio Green features an electric motor on the front axle, a front-wheel drive, and a 63.1 kWh ternary lithium battery. With 143PS, 210Nm of torque and a maximum speed of 152kph, it offers a range of 500km (NEDC).

In real world driving, expect the range in the 500 Ultra to be around 400km (WLTP), while the touted 400km of the 400 Pro variant would actually be around 320km.

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The car is equipped with advanced driving assistance systems such as automatic cruise control, collision warning and emergency braking.

The Good Cat was launched in Malaysia in November last year.

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A buyer of the Ora Good Cat in Pistachio Green (left) gets a gift from GWM.
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