Ora Good Cat now on GoCar Share (round trip) bookings

KUALA LUMPUR: The Ora Good Cat is now offered on GoCar Share (round trip) bookings for RM23.90 per hour, or from RM157 per day.

GoCar Malaysia, a leading on-demand mobility-as-a-service platform and Yinson GreenTech have teamed up to provide the Ora Good Cat electric vehicle (EV) through the GoCar Share programme.

The joint effort comes through a collaboration between GoCar with YGT’s EV leasing business arm, drivEV.

For a start, the Ora Good Cat EVs will be available for GoCar Share (Round Trip) bookings at selected locations in Klang Valley city centres, namely Berjaya Times Square, The Linc, Lalaport KL. Eco Ardence, Eco Grandeur and GoCar Malaysia PJ.

GoCar users can experience the Ora Good Cat at an affordable RM23.90 per hour with free access to all stand-alone AC charging stations in YGT’s chargEV network.

Additionally, the longer the booking duration, the more savings customers will enjoy.

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CEO of GoCar Malaysia, Wong Hoe Mun said, “We are excited to strengthen our collaboration with Yinson GreenTech through this partnership. GoCar has always championed smarter and more sustainable ways of commuting. We are thrilled to be able to offer exciting electric models as we believe there is keen interest amongst the general public to try it out.”

Managing director of drivEV, Kelvin Soon said, “The goal of drivEV is getting companies to promote the adoption of EVs amongst Malaysians. The partnership with GoCar in introducing the Ora Good Cat is a start in the right direction. We have plans in adding more range of EVs and further expanding to other locations so that the public can easily access it.

The introduction of the Ora Good Cat through GoCar is just the start of GoCar and drivEV’s collaboration with future plans to introduce more exciting EV models and expand to other locations beyond Klang Valley.

To experience the Ora Good Cat via GoCar Share or other models available on GoCar Share, download the GoCar mobile app.
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