Padu might be reopened after March 31 deadline, says Rafizi

KUALA LUMPUR: The Central Database Hub (Padu) might be reopened to the public after the March 31 deadline, says Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli.

However, Rafizi did not give a specific date as to when Padu would be reopened.

“Maybe towards the end of the year or in a few months time, after we implement the targeted subsidies,” said Rafizi to reporters in Parliament today.

He added that while there were some issues that hindered registration, they will be addressed when Padu is reopened to the public.

“If we do not close Padu (on March 31), there will be no end and we cannot move towards targeted subsidies,” added Rafizi.

Meanwhile, Rafizi said that Padu has received 400,000 daily registrations as of March 28.

“The last-minute factor is our culture. We still have about five more days to go and I think we should be able to have 10 million registrations,” added Rafizi.

Rafizi said that there are 21 million working adults above the age of 18 and 20% of them are unlikely to register for Padu as they most probably do not qualify for aid.

“So, you are now looking at 16 million adults. If we have 10 million out of 16 million, that means we have covered 70% of the target,” added Rafizi.

The deadline to register for Padu is on March 31.
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