Perodua on track to meet year-end target

By CARSIFU | 2 December 2020

RAWANG: Perodua registered 5,027 cars on the last day of November, the highest the national carmaker had achieved in a single day.

The single day record on Nov 30 rides on the total 23,119 unit sales Perodua posted in November.

Perodua president and chief executive officer Datuk Zainal Abidin Ahmad said the November sales represented a slight normalising from the previous two record months the company had – 25,035 units in September and 26,852 units in October.

“Yet the accomplishment is impressive given the challenging economic climate and new normal operating procedures brought about by Covid-19.

"And our 5,027-unit one-day record shows what resilience, persistence and adaptability can bring,” he said.

With 6,295 Myvis, 6,318 Axias, 6,224 Bezzas, 2,617 Aruz and 1,665 Alzas finding owners in November, Perodua has sold over 195,000 cars so far this year.

Based on its sales momentum, Perodua is on track to meet its 210,000-unit year-end registration target.

Perodua President & CEO Dato' Zainal Abidin Ahmad 2

Zainal said Perodua’s two main priorities at present are to ensure as many of its were able to get their cars before year-end to enjoy the sales tax-exempt prices and to further bolster the Malaysian automotive ecosystem with its economies of scale in these hard times.

“Over 90% of our components are locally-sourced, and coupled with our sales volume, this generates significant business for Malaysian component suppliers and helps them sustain jobs,” said Zainal.

He said the completed cars were then distributed through Malaysia’s largest car sales network, the majority of which constitute independent dealers that benefit greatly from the business, and even more if they do servicing and repairs as well.

“Perodua is proud of its national duty and will continue to serve all Malaysians’ mobility needs with quality vehicles that are safe, practical, efficient and offer the best value, while pushing the boundaries of technology for the masses in the future,” said Zainal.