Peugeot aims to be top EV brand in Europe by 2025

PARIS: In 2024, the Peugeot all-electric range will be joined by two new models: the E-408 and E-5008.

Its EV (electric vehicle) range presently consists of the E-208, E-2008, E-308, E-308 SW, E-3008, E-Rifter, E-traveller, E-Partner, E-Expert and E-Boxer.

With these 9 passenger vehicles and 3 light commercial vehicles, Peugeot offers the widest electric range of any European mainstream automotive manufacturer.

In 2023, Peugeot was leading the B electric segment in Europe with E-208 and E-2008.

Peugeot is also the European leader in sales of zero-emission light commercial vehicles.

The French automaker is determined to become the leading brand in the European electric market by 2025.

"With the E-Lion project, Peugeot is mobilizing all its technological know-how and the creativity of its teams to enable all its customers to access sustainable mobility. As a leader, we want to pave the way. It's an incredibly rewarding task," said Linda Jackson, CEO of Peugeot during an online media briefing.

PEUGEOT_2023_E308_SW (3) NEW00 (Custom)

The E-Lion project is based on five "E-pillars":

- Ecosystem of products and services, based on Stellantis solutions.
- Experience for customer, from start to finish.
- Electric, a 100% electric range by the end of 2024.
- Efficiency, delivering maximum performance with minimal electrical consumption.
- Environment, a sustainability goal and our commitment to becoming Carbon Net Zero by 2038.

Meanwhile, Peugeot's Customized Lease offer allows financial installments that adapt to the mileage covered and is chosen by nearly one in five E-208 customers in France.

The new E-208 is part of the French government's "My Electric Lease" plan with an offer from only €99/month, allowing the more modest households and younger generations to access efficient electric mobility.

Regarding all-electric driving ranges, the new E-3008 sets a new benchmark in its segment with up to 700km of range, while the new E-208 offers a city driving range of 566km.

With Free2Move Charge, Peugeot customers have access to one of the most extensive charging networks in Europe.

It includes more than 600,000 charging points, of which over 77,000 are fast chargers that allow, for example, to gain 100km of range in just 10 minutes with the new E-3008.

Jérôme Micheron, product director at Peugeot said,"Our models are not only accessible (eg. Peugeot As You Go Financing solutions), but they are also the most efficient in their segments. For example, the Peugeot E-308 has the lowest electricity consumption in its category."

Also, Peugeot offers new E-3008 buyers the Allure Care programme which covers the electric motor, charger, powertrain, and the main electrical and mechanical components for up to 8 years/160,000km (whichever is first).

Allure Care is in addition to the specific warranty offered by Peugeot on all its electric vehicle batteries, also lasting 8 years/160,000km (whichever is first), to cover the entire vehicle.

Launched in major European markets, the Allure Care coverage is automatically activated for 2 years or 25,000km after each maintenance service carried out within the Peugeot network.

Phil York, marketing and communication director at Peugeot said, "We believe that Allure Care will accelerate the adoption of the latest generation of all-electric Peugeot vehicles by offering customers the peace of mind they need to take the step. This coverage of exceptional breadth is a testament to the confidence we have in the quality and reliability of our products."

Meanwhile, the Stellantis group is developing a circular economy business based on the "4Rs": Remanufacture, Repair, Reuse, and Recycle.

Peugeot is part of this approach by using fewer and more sustainable materials – increasing their longevity, and ensuring their recycling at the end of their life.

For instance, the new E-3008 is made up of 23% recycled materials, including steels and polymers.

To ensure the recycling of end-of-life vehicles in Europe, Stellantis has created Sustainera Valorauto, a joint venture with Galloo, a European leader in recycling.

Sustainera Valorauto offers a complete solution that includes the collection and dismantling of vehicles, the recovery, refurbishment, and marketing of viable parts, and the recycling of materials.

Another joint venture specifically dedicated to the recycling of electric car batteries in Europe and North America has been concluded by Stellantis with Orano, a global leader in recycling.

It will use Orano's low-carbon technology that allows for a significant recovery rate of materials from lithium-ion batteries.

Also, battery repair in an internal Stellantis workshop has been part of this approach for many years.
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