Peugeot, Citroën and Leapmotor at Malaysia Autoshow 2024

SERDANG: The new Peugeot 408 and enhanced Peugeot Landtrek Special Edition (SE) are among the highlights at the Malaysia Autoshow 2024.

Both the Peugeot Landtrek Allure and Landtrek SE are assembled at the Stellantis Gurun plant in Kedah.

The 408 is offered in three variants – Allure, Premium, and GT – with a starting price of RM146,055 on-the-road without insurance.

The Landtrek SE features upgraded suspensions for a sportier ride and a selection of new, practical accessories.

Available in Rockstone Grey and Ceramic White, the Landtrek SE retails at RM129,124 on-the-road without insurance.

Citroën showcased the Ami Buggy Quadricycle and C3 Aircross at the booth. (Custom)

Citroën, another marque under the Stellantis portfolio, hinted at its upcoming Malaysian return.

The iconic Ami Buggy – a unique, EV (electric vehicle) quadricycle, and the new C3 Aircross, are at the Stellantis booth.

Jamie Francis Morais, managing director, Stellantis Malaysia said, "We see a tremendous opportunity to reintroduce our customers in Malaysia to the world of Citroën."

Meanwhile, Stellantis has partnered with Leapmotor, a leading EV technology powerhouse from China.

The Leapmotor C10 is Leapmotor’s first global product.

The C10 is based on Leapmotor’s self-developed LEAP3.0 technology architecture, and is a family-centric D-segment vehicle with best-in-segment premium ride and handling experience, featuring up to 420km WLTP range, and a 5-star E-NCAP rating.

Visitors can register for a test drive with the Peugeot 408 GT and the 3008 SUV, and 4x4 offroad test drives in the Peugeot Landtrek.

Visitors who place a booking during the autoshow will enjoy savings of RM9,000 off the Peugeot 3008 and 5008, while those who place a booking on the new Peugeot 408 will enjoy 1-year free service.

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