PLUS’ Putri Chatbot provides faster response to highway users on Whatsapp

PETALING JAYA: PLUS Highway users can now obtain speedier emergency assistance and information on highway general inquiries through the PLUS Texting Realtime Interface (Putri) Chatbot on the WhatsApp application via 019-356 9802.

Choosing the more stable and popular WhatsApp application platform due to its high usage among the public, the new feature offers bilingual interaction to cater to a wider range of users.

According to PLUS, communication with the Putri Chatbot will allow highway users to request for emergency assistance through the SOS button as well as obtain information about PLUS Highway services without having to contact the PLUSLine via 1-800-88-0000.

"The Putri Chatbot is the first chatbot of the expressway industry that was introduced by PLUS in September 2020.

"It leverages on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to engage with users in online text-based interactions using natural language processing.

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"Since its introduction, the Putri Chatbot has successfully handled approximately 220,000 responses and complete conversations with highway users regarding PLUS Highway services in digital form," said PLUS in a statement on Thursday (Dec 21).

It added that PUTRI Chatbot provides various responses on PLUS highway services quicker.

These include traffic information, toll rates, frequently asked questions, products and facilities, promotions and events, feedback, incident reporting and more.

"With the help of Putri Chatbot, PLUS’ Traffic Monitoring Centre (TMC) personnel will be able to focus on emergency calls and streamline the coordination of assistance for highway users facing emergencies on the highway.

"The Putri Chatbot initiative was recently selected as the champion in the Private Sector category at the Innovative Creative Convention (ICC) 2023 held at Swiss Garden Hotel, Bukit Bintang.

"The recognition demonstrated PLUS' commitment to innovation and excellence in providing efficient services to highway users," added the statement.

Highway users may engage with Putri Chatbot through WhatsApp at 019-356 9802 or through the PLUS App, PLUS website at, X Application @PLUS2U, PLUSMiles portal at and through the PLUS Malaysia Facebook page.
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