Porsche man assigned to head Bentley from July 1

LONDON: Frank-Steffen Walliser is moving from Porsche to Bentley to take on the post of chairman and CEO on July 1.

After studying mechanical engineering with a focus on combustion engines and technology management, Walliser joined Porsche in 1995 and has worked there since.

In 2010, the native of Stuttgart became the overall project leader responsible for the development of the future-oriented 918 Spyder super sports car.

Starting in 2014, he made a name for himself as Head of Motorsport before taking over management of the 911 and 718 product lines at the beginning of 2019.

Since 2022, he has been in charge of overall vehicle development (vehicle architecture and characteristics) at Porsche.

“I am approaching this job with great respect and looking forward to having a team in Crewe that has shown impressive performance over the last few years," said Walliser.
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