Porsche to stop sales of Macan in EU due to cybersecurity rules

STUTTGART: Porsche said it would remove its combustion engine model Macan SUV from the EU market because the changeover to new regulations would be too costly.

The vehicle's platform will no longer be converted to comply with future EU regulations, a spokesman said, confirming media reports.

The new regulations would make the model ineligible starting July 2024. Sales therefore will be discontinued in the course of next spring to ensure that the vehicles can be delivered and registered by the deadline.

Starting July 1, 2024, only vehicles that comply with the new rules on cyber security can be registered in the EU.

The regulations require software changes, and in addition, car manufacturers must introduce, document and certify processes to increase cyber security as early as the development phase.

As the requirements were not yet known at the time, it was not possible to take this into account during the development of the combustion engine models, the Porsche spokesman said.