Porsche's first electric SUV: Top 5 highlights

Exceptional E-Performance: Porsche's new Macan 4 and Macan Turbo boast impressive electric power, with the Macan 4 producing up to 300 kW (408 PS) and the Macan Turbo up to 470 kW (639 PS), guaranteeing excellent driving performance.

800-Volt Architecture: The Macan features an 800-volt architecture, a first for Porsche, which enables fast DC charging of up to 270 kW. It can charge from 10% to 80% in approximately 21 minutes, making it convenient for long trips.

Sporty Design: The Macan maintains Porsche's iconic design DNA with sporty proportions and coupe-like lines. It offers a dynamic and dominant appearance with a sharp bonnet pitch, large wheels, and distinctive lighting elements.

Practicality: Electrification has increased luggage space in the Macan, offering up to 540 litres behind the rear seats and an additional 84-litre "frunk" under the bonnet. It combines practicality with high-quality equipment and spacious configuration.

Cutting-Edge Technology: The Macan features advanced technology, including up to three screens, Android Automotive OS, and an augmented reality head-up display. It also offers rear-axle steering and electronic damping control for an enhanced driving experience.


SINGAPORE: Porsche's second electric car finally made its world premiere here today.

Ten years after its initial launch, Porsche has unveiled the next generation of the Macan in pure electric form. It's the second Porsche electric car after the Taycan (a facelifted version is coming soon) and the carmaker's first electric SUV.

The new Macan 4 and Macan Turbo aim to meet the demands of Porsche customers seeking a high-performance SUV with electric power.

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume introduced the new models during the world premiere here, highlighting the Macan's exceptional E-Performance, driver experience, and impressive design.

Both models are equipped with the latest generation of permanently-excited PSM electric motors on the front and rear axles, delivering top-class E-Performance.


The Macan 4 can generate up to 300 kW (408 PS) of overboost power, while the Macan Turbo boasts up to 470 kW (639 PS), ensuring outstanding acceleration and top speeds of 220kph and 260kph, respectively.

The Macan features an innovative Premium Platform Electric (PPE) with 800-volt architecture, offering fast charging capabilities of up to 270 kW. At suitable fast-charging stations, the battery can charge from 10% to 80% in 21 minutes.

At 400-volt charging stations, a high-voltage switch in the battery enables bank charging by effectively splitting the 800-volt battery into two batteries, each with a rated voltage of 400 volts. This enables particularly efficient charging, without an additional HV booster, at up to 135 kW. AC charging at up to 11 kW is possible at household wall boxes.


Up to 240 kW of energy can be recuperated via the electric motors while driving.

The shallow pitch of the bonnet and the strongly pronounced wings give the entry-level SUV, which is 4,784 mm long, 1,938 mm wide and 1,622 mm high, a dynamic appearance even when stationary.

The new Macan is fitted with up to 22-inch wheels with staggered tyre fitment. The wheelbase, which is 86 mm longer than the previous model (2,893 mm), is offset by short overhangs at the front and rear.

The headlights are divided into two parts: the flat upper light unit with four-point daytime running lights is embedded in the wings and emphasises the width of the car.


The main headlight module with optional matrix LED technology is positioned slightly lower in the front end. The characteristic Porsche flyline forms a unit with the flat rear window.

In combination with the frameless doors with characteristic side blades, the result is a sleek, sporty design. Strongly pronounced shoulders give the rear a muscular look. The Porsche logo now sits in the centre of the sculptural 3D light strip.

Porsche combines its signature design DNA with aerodynamics optimised for range through Porsche Active Aerodynamics (PAA), achieving a drag coefficient of 0.25. This design not only enhances the car's range but also improves power efficiency.


The PAA system includes the adaptive rear spoiler, active cooling flaps on the front air intakes and flexible covers on the fully sealed underbody.

Air curtains below the headlight module and the low-slung front end optimise the air flow. At the rear, lateral tear-off edges and the louvred diffuser ensure aerodynamic efficiency.

The new Macan prioritises practicality with increased luggage space, offering up to 540 litres behind the rear seats and an 84-litre front trunk ("frunk"). The interior features a modern design with digital interfaces, customizable LED lighting, and ecological materials.

Porsche introduces cutting-edge technology with up to three screens, Android Automotive OS, and an augmented reality head-up display. The passenger can also access information and entertainment via an optional 10.9-inch screen.


The Macan is powered by Porsche Communication Management (PCM) for high-speed computing and features a voice assistant for route suggestions and charging stops.

For the first time, the Macan offers rear-axle steering and electronic damping control, enhancing driving dynamics and stability. The electronically controlled Porsche Traction Management (ePTM) responds rapidly to slip, making the all-wheel drive system highly efficient.

Since its launch in 2014, Porsche has delivered over 800,000 Macan units worldwide. This tradition continues with the all-electric Macan, produced in a net carbon-neutral manner at the Porsche plant in Leipzig.

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