More Proton e-MAS dealerships coming to build 'greener future'

KUALA LUMPUR: Proton New Energy Technology Sdn Bhd (PRO-NET) says it aims to lead the national car industry in using electric vehicles (EV) to build a greener future with the expansion of Proton e.MAS dealership network.

In a statement today, PRO-NET chief executive officer Zhang Qiang said Proton e.MAS dealerships are not just points of sale but are hubs of innovation and learning, dedicated to educating and inspiring individuals.

Proton had on June 12 appointed the first 17 Proton e.MAS dealerships via a signing ceremony that launched the brand, with four outlets in Selangor, three in Kuala Lumpur and Perak, two each in Johor and Penang, and one each in Kedah, Kelantan and Pahang.


Since then, an additional dealer has joined the network, bringing the total to 18 dealerships, with one outlet representing both Sabah and Sarawak in Sabah.

"This initiative marks our commitment to building greater trust among our customers, and we are determined to become the segment leader for national cars in the EV sector,” said Zhang.

Managed by PRO-NET, he said this portfolio expansion marks a significant milestone in the Proton e.MAS dealership network, and invited more partners to join in making EV more accessible to enthusiasts across Malaysia.

"We aim to reach 30 outlets by 2025, with flexible expansion plans based on demand,” he added.
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