Proton Global Services helps automaker diversify revenue

Lee (inset).

SUBANG JAYA: Proton Global Services (PGS), a subsidiary of Proton Edar, has significantly contributed to Proton's diversification and expansion efforts since it was set up in 2021.

Starting with a single outlet, PGS has grown into a multifaceted operation with six divisions: Lifestyle, Engineering, Training, New Energy, Logistics, and R3 Motorsports, under the leadership of CEO Lee Yeet Chuan.

This diversification has led to a dramatic revenue increase, from below RM1 million in 2021 to 19 times that figure by the end of 2023.

Proton Merchandise store

The Lifestyle and R3 Motorsports divisions have become particularly visible to Proton's customer base, with initiatives like the Proton Café and the merchandising of Proton and R3 branded items, including a virtual shop for online sales.

The R3 Motorsports division celebrated its 20th anniversary by launching the X50 R3 20th Anniversary Edition and is developing the S70 R3 racing car.

Proton R3 Engine Oil

PGS is also working on other projects within the Proton ecosystem, such as improving energy efficiency and introducing renewable energy solutions, contributing to Proton's ESG rating.

These efforts are part of a broader strategy to leverage Proton's brand and dealer network to maximise revenue while controlling operational costs and supporting the company's transition towards renewable energy and advanced automotive technologies.

Solar PV panel on top of dealer's outlet
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