Proton starts 5-star after-sales rating initiative

SHAH ALAM: National carmaker Proton has announced the commencement of a 5-Star Rating initiative to further raise the level of after sales service for customers at its outlets nationwide.

The new initiative recognizes Proton dealers who have achieved an outstanding level of after sales service and is an extension of the Proton Operational Excellence (POE) initiative that was begun on 6 March 2023.

The new rating is awarded to dealers based on their POE score and Service Quality.

Service Quality is evaluated in two categories, namely Speed and Compliance, and these are then measured over 6 focus areas.

The end goal is for outlets to manage customers concerns effectively and to deliver the best customer experience.

POE initiative improves after sales service at all outlets via sharing best practices.

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Proton’s POE initiative emphasizes adherence to a thorough list of requirements such as service process, technician competency, stock inventory and customer management.

Each outlet is assessed on a monthly basis and the results shared with all dealers to clearly indicate where they stand within the network.

Proton’s After Sales Division works closely with the outlets to proactively raise their service levels and scores with quarterly roadshows also held to give recognition to top achievers as well as reinforce standards by the sharing of best practices.

With the beginning of the 5-Star Rating initiative, five dealerships will be awarded the top accolade every month, marking them out as centres of excellence for after sales and customer service.

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To ensure parity and buy-in from its network, KPI’s for the initiative are set based on feedback from all outlets as well as after benchmarking of best practices from other OEMs.

To mark the commencement of the 5-Star initiative, a launch event was held at Melinau Auto in Kuching, one of the top three Proton outlets to be recognised for meeting all the requirements to earn the new accolade.

“At Proton, we believe that delivering a high level of after sales service to our customers helps to set us apart from rival brands. Therefore, we will continue to invest in our customer service and after sales operations at all outlets to ensure all customer facing roles deliver the highest levels of satisfaction.

“Yes, we also believe that offering a range of premium high specification models at competitive prices helps to attract customers to showrooms, but delivering exemplary customer service and providing class leading after sales keeps them loyal to the brand and opens the door to repeat purchases,” said Roslan Abdullah, CEO, Proton Edar.

Following the launch the 5-Star Initiative, the list of outlets to obtain the ranking will be published on Proton's corporate website,, accompanied by a distinctive badge for dealership recognition.

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