Proton using Maxis 5G services at its Tanjung Malim plant

By CARSIFU | 19 November 2021

PETALING JAYA: Domestic car maker Proton has selected Maxis as its partner to deploy a 5G use case to power up its Tanjung Malim plant in Perak, with network installations that has begun in October.

The partnership is part of Proton’s growth strategy in developing Proton City as a model smart city.

The use case will rely on a 5G network and Maxis will operate IoT solutions at Proton’s plant in Tanjung Malim.

Maxis is using its Smart Security systems to track and ensure the security of cars that roll off the production line and an Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality remote support and maintenance system that enables Proton engineers to talk to their international partners in real time, to troubleshoot technical issues and ensure production quality.

Dr Li and Ogut.
Dr Li and Ogut.

Maxis said 5G would also enable Proton to eventually design and build autonomous vehicles.

“Through this strategic partnership with Maxis, we look forward to unlocking opportunities that can translate into enhanced security, a
safer environment, improved efficiencies, and ultimately, build better quality cars,” said Proton CEO Dr Li Chunrong.

"This partnership with Proton for proof of concept is testament to our key role that we have been playing in fostering a digital ecosystem for industries through innovation,” said Maxis CEO Gokhan Ogut.