Proton drives to integrate Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in upcoming models

PETALING JAYA: Proton and its subsidiary ACO Tech are reportedly currently working on integrating Android Auto and Apple CarPlay (AACP) with its in-vehicle infotainment system.

In a report from, ACO Tech’s head of project management, Sunny Wang, said at a media preview that it “won’t be long” until AACP integration makes it way to Proton cars.

Wang was not specific on when exactly this would be, however, it has been confirmed that the upcoming Proton S70 will not have the feature when it launches next week on Nov 28.

ACO Tech is jointly owned by Proton, Altel and Ecarx, and is also the developer for the automaker's Atlas infotainment operating system.

Proton deputy CEO, Roslan Abdullah, was also quoted by at the media preview saying that the addition of AACP support will not only involve software but also changes to hardware components used in the infotainment head unit (IHU).

This is due to components such as the IHU chipset requiring these changes to support AACP. This means that the addition of AACP will not be as simple as a software update to existing cars.

He goes into further detail on other complications, such as difficulty obtaining licences from Apple and Google to include the features.

“We’re still discussing with Google to work with us, and it’s similar with Apple. To get the license is a bit of a hassle compared to other OEMs. The geopolitics make it difficult for us,” he said.
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