Raise the game with Ducati Riding Experience

KUALA LUMPUR: Ducati Malaysia organised the Ducati Riding Experience (DRE) Road Academy to help riders improve their riding capabilities and enjoyment.

The DRE offers three types of training - Road, Racetrack and Adventure.

The DRE Road Academy, a one-day programme, aims to improve riding skills for everyday road users and touring enthusiasts.


All instructors are certified by Ducati and undergo rigorous training followed by tests at the Ducati training facility in Rayong, Thailand.

The DRE Road Academy is open to riders of all motorcycle brands.

The course covers essential riding techniques, including proper seating, posture, braking, cornering, visual and target fixation, defensive riding and more.


The instructors for the DRE Road were Ahmad Nadzrey, Haizal Omar and Kevin Lee who coached 22 participants in attendance.

The training day included two hours of classroom theory followed by practical riding exercises in a specially designed open space.

Participants practiced drills such as slalom, high-speed ABS braking (emergency braking), counter-steering, target fixation among others.


Ducati provided bikes to all the participants, including the Monster, Scrambler and Hypermotard.

At the end of the training, each participant received a DRE Road Academy certificate.

To join future sessions, contact the nearest authorised Ducati dealer or visit www.ducati.com.my.
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