Reacting correctly to objects on the highway

BERLIN: Ideally your local radio station will have informed you of the risk in advance: objects have been spotted lying on the motorway. Naturally, you start to drive more slowly and watch the road carefully.

But local traffic news won't always give you a heads up. What should you do when you unexpectedly come across things like car parts or lost cargo when driving on the motorway?

Firstly, as soon as on object on the road comes into view, turn on the hazard lights to warn those behind you that something is up ahead and you’re going to be braking heavily to avoid it or stopping completely, the road safety experts from Auto Club Europa (ACE) say.

If there’s enough space, you can drive carefully around the obstacle while leaving the hazard lights on.

However, if you can neither swerve nor brake safely it may be necessary to drive over the object (depending on its size), even if your car could be damaged in the process.

After that, it’s important to inform the police as quickly as possible so that the route can be secured and they can remove the obstacle. Only make the call once safely parked up or else ask a passenger to make it.

Most importantly: You should never go on to the road yourself and try to remove the obstacle, the ACE warns — doing so would be extremely dangerous.
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