Redtiger F4 dashcam improves safety with voice-control tech

ZHOUSHAN CITY (China): A Chinese automotive electronics maker says it is upgrading the driving experience with the launch of the F4 dashcam.

The Redtiger device integrates voice control technology and an intuitive touchscreen interface. It is made by Zhoushan Panda Electronic Commerce Co. based here in Zhejiang Province.

With simple voice commands, users can start and stop recording, capture photos, and turn off the screen without taking their hands off the wheel, and thus improving safety.

Despite its advanced features, the F4 dashcam boasts a compact and discreet design that seamlessly integrates into any vehicle's interior.

Its sleek and modern aesthetic ensures a premium driving experience without compromising on functionality or visibility.

"Traditional dashcams often require manual operation, which could be a distraction for drivers, especially novice drivers," said Redtiger  CEO Jonny Don.

"This is where F4 dashcams come into play, offering a hands-free solution that prioritises safety and convenience."

The F4 dashcam is now on sale.
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