Register your interest for Land Rover Defender Octa

PETALING JAYA: Land Rover Malaysia is calling on interested customers to register their interest in the new Defender Octa ahead of official order-taking soon.

Signing up can either be done online or calling Land Rover Malaysia at 03-76512 000.

The Octa is the most advanced and powerful version in Land Rover's 4x4 lineup.

The Octa, equipped with a 4.4-litre twin turbo mild-hybrid V8 engine, boasts 635PS and 750Nm of torque, accelerating from 0-100kph in 4 seconds.

The Octa features a heavily revised chassis with innovative technologies, including 6D Dynamics suspension, enhancing its dynamic capabilities.

The exterior design is robust, with a raised ride height, extended wheel arches, and redesigned bumpers for improved off-road performance.


It can wade through up to one metre of water.

The Octa's name is inspired by the diamond's Octahedral shape, symbolising durability and desirability.

Each Octa sports a new encircled diamond graphic, with a gloss black diamond set in a titanium disc on its Signature Graphic panel.

The Octa Edition One, available in the first production year, includes exclusive Faroe Green paint, Khaki and Ebony interiors, Chopped Carbon Fibre detailing, and 20-inch forged alloy wheels.

Performance-wise, the Octa reaches 249kph and features a high-torque output, enabling exceptional driveability and off-road capability.

Land Rover said the 6D Dynamics suspension system provides superior control and stability on varied terrains.


The vehicle’s enhanced drive modes, including the new Octa Mode, optimise performance for on-road and off-road driving.

Octa Mode is the first ever dedicated Defender off-road driving mode with a performance focus.

This has been specially developed to ensure ultimate control and driver confidence.

Octa Mode also enables an Off-Road Launch mode for optimum acceleration on loose surfaces. And, when combined with the lowest traction control settings (TracDSC or DSC off) it also engages a unique Off-Road ABS calibration for optimum braking performance on loose surfaces.

The Octa features a robust exterior with unique grille designs, and extensive underbody protection.


It features 33-inch diameter tyres, the largest ever fitted to a production Defender, including a Goodyear Advanced All-Terrain Tyre developed specifically for the Octa.

Defender Octa’s colour palette includes two new and exclusive metallic finishes: Petra Copper and Faroe Green, alongside Carpathian Grey and Charente Grey, while all Defender Octa models feature a contrast roof and tailgate in gloss Narvik Black.

Inside, the Octa offers a special selction of interior options, including lightweight Ultrafabrics PU and semi-aniline leather, enhancing comfort and luxury.

Advanced audio technology developed with SUBPAC and Coventry University ensures an immersive experience.


Six wellness programmes are also available to help relax occupants or help improve cognitive responses on the move, depending on their preference.

Indicative price for the Octa in the UK is £145,300 (RM871,000 on-the-road). The Octa Edition One is £15,500 (RM93,000) more at £160,800 (RM964,000).

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