Renault gifts Pope a Dacia Duster SUV

By RELAXNEWS | 29 November 2019

PARIS: Renault gifted Pope Francis a unique Dacia Duster 4X4, designed with all his mobility needs in mind.

This week the Groupe Renault Romania managing director and CEO of Automobile Dacia SA, Christophe Dridi, and the Groupe Renault Italy general manager Xavier Martinet hand-delivered a custom-made "Popemobile" SUV to Pope Francis at the Vatican.

Out of five seats that have been installed into this model, one is a "particularly comfortable rear bench seat." A large sunroof allows for the Pope to comfortably greet passersby as they roll through Vatican State.

Additionally, this Duster has been outfitted with a removable glass superstructure, a lower ground clearance level for easier boarding, and internal and external support elements.

While Pope Francis has demonstrated his preference for public transportation rather than luxurious private travels, famously taking the bus while Cardinal in Buenos Aires, this Duster is far more modest than previous automobile gifts he has been offered in the past. It's possible and even likely that this car won't be auctioned off for charity like the Lamborghini was that he was given in 2017.

Needless to say, this white-painted, beige-upholstered SUV blends in with the Popemobiles of the past better than any sportscar could.