Rivian's new baby R2 and R3 help expand the electric maker's line-up

NEW YORK: Rivian has revealed the new R2 and R3 simultaneously to go alongside their bigger brothers, the R1T electric pickup and R1S electric SUV.

The new R2 and R3 will both be available with two battery sizes. The larger pack will achieve over 480km on a single charge while Rivian says that both will manage 0-100kph in under three seconds.

Both R2 and R3 are built on a new midsize platform, with fewer design parts and the structural battery unit are there to help make the new R2 and R3 cost a lot less to manufacture and develop.


Both models will be compatible with DC fast charging, enabling the R2 and R3 to charge from 10% to 80% in just half an hour

Self-driving technology will be featured on the R2 and R3, with both models getting 11 cameras and five radars which will help enhance autonomous capabilities.


The R2 also has some design features that make it stand out from the competition. A rear-powered glass window and power rear quarter lights will help ventilate the cabin. The R3 has a rear hatch design to maximise space inside but allows it to keep a sporty design.

The R2 and R3 plan to go into production in 2026 and will start from $45,000 for the North American market. - PA Media

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