Road closed due to Batang Kali landslide reopens

BATANG KALI: Travellers have access once again to the route to Genting Highlands and the East Coast with the reopening of Road B66, which connects Batang Kali to Genting Highlands.

The road officially reopened today at 3pm, one-and-a-half years after the tragic landslide at the Father's Organic Farm campsite.

The landslide, which occurred on Dec 16, 2022, claimed 31 lives and forced the Works Ministry to shut down the road for critical slope and road repairs.

Batang Kali, a town located in Hulu Selangor, serves as a transit point for travellers to have a meal or stay temporarily before continuing their journey to Genting Highlands or northern states like Terengganu and Kelantan.

Kamal Abshah Abd Ghani, chief special officer to Batang Kali assemblyman Muhammad Muhaimin Harith Abdullah Sani, said that repairs, which cost RM19mil, had reached 86% completion, with some installation of guardrails and construction of retaining walls remaining.

He mentioned that due to recent bad weather, the project originally slated for completion within a year, was delayed.

"All delays have been to ensure safety. The road will only be reopened once it is confirmed safe for public use," he said.

He added that with the road reopened, users can reach Genting Highlands in just 40 minutes, making it the best route for those travelling to and from the East Coast.
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