Road Safety Marshal Club and Bosch Mobility Aftermarket step up on women's safety campaign

KUALA LUMPUR: The Road Safety Marshal Club (RSMC) partnered Bosch Mobility Aftermarket Malaysia to hold the seventh Women's Street Crime Awareness Campaign on Sunday.

Held at the Cheras Leisure Mall here, the participants were coached by experts from club founded its president and prominent safety activist Captain K. Bala.

The Women's Street Crime Awareness Campaign focuses on street crime, raising awareness about the importance of self-defense for women.

By learning basic self-defense skills such as how to handle handbag snatch attempts, safely use pepper spray, identify hidden cameras, and more, participants can potentially deter threats like robbery, mugging, or assault.

The campaign also includes valuable guidelines on crime scene safety.

Bosch Mobility Aftermarket Malaysia country business director Dillion Goh Kian Chiang said the partnership with the RSMC is part of Bosch Mobility Aftermarket Malaysia’s ‘Drive for Life’ campaign.

The campaign is aimed at advocating for safe cars and roads by raising awareness of the importance of using quality car parts and regular car maintenance.

Participants are also showed how to replace a vehicle cabin air filter.
Participants are also showed how to replace a vehicle cabin air filter.

The campaign also features a Bosch sharing session on conducting a thorough vehicle self-inspection, covering essential components such as engine oil, powertrain, battery, cabin air filter, lights, brakes, and tyres.

Additionally, the session also addresses "Forgotten Child Syndrome" with a helpful four-step guide to prevent accidental child endangerment in cars.

Goh also said there is a growing trend of women showing interest in understanding basic vehicle maintenance.

This empowers them to take control of their car, ensuring the safety of passengers like children, and navigate the roads
confidently with the help of simple yet effective solutions.

Captain Bala said the club's goal was to make the Women's Street Crime Awareness Campaign more engaging and insightful for participants, arming them with the important skills, techniques and preventive measures.

"Through improved awareness and vigilance, participants will be better prepared to react and defend themselves in any scenario,” he said.
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