Rolls-Royce Cullinan refreshed

LONDON: Rolls-Royce has unveiled the Cullinan Series II, a revamped version of its super-luxury SUV initially launched in 2018.

The new model builds on the success of the original Cullinan, which has become the most sought-after vehicle in the brand's lineup.

The Cullinan Series II retains its 6.75-litre V12 engine. However, the updated model features improvements in driving dynamics and technology to meet changing customer preferences.

The SUV can easily switch from urban commuting to off-road adventures, offering a blend of power and luxury.

The Series II showcases a fresh design focused on verticality and clean lines.


The updated front fascia includes new lamp graphics with tall daytime running lights for enhanced visibility.

An illuminated pantheon grille makes its debut on the Cullinan, adding a distinctive touch. The 23-inch wheels, a first for the Cullinan, enhance its rugged yet refined aesthetic.

Inside, the Cullinan Series II is fitted with a glass-panel fascia that integrates the Spirit operating system, first introduced in the all-electric Spectre.

The advanced digital interface allows clients to customise the colour of the instrument dials to match the vehicle’s interior or exterior.

Rolls-Royce's Whispers app is also integrated, providing remote access to vehicle information and features.


Rear passengers benefit from improved connectivity, with the ability to stream content on individual screens via Bluetooth headphones or the vehicle's 18-speaker audio system.

A new Illuminated fascia panel displays an intricate cityscape graphic, while the Spirit of Ecstasy Clock Cabinet showcases an analogue timepiece and an illuminated figurine.

The Cullinan Series II emphasises contemporary craftsmanship with new materials like Grey Stained Ash, an open-pore wood with a metallic shimmer, and Duality Twill, a rayon fabric made from bamboo.

Placed Perforation, a new leather art technique, creates patterns inspired by cloud shapes.


The interior palette, inspired by nature, includes colours like Lilac, Chocolate, and Black, with up to 51 thread colours to choose from.

Rolls-Royce made the Cullinan Series II based on client feedback and market intelligence.

Notably, an increasing number of owners are driving the SUV themselves, leading to a shift in focus towards a more driver-centric experience.

The average age of Rolls-Royce clients has dropped to 43, driven partly by the Cullinan's appeal to a younger demographic.

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