Rolls-Royce goes international to mark World Bee Day

LONDON: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is marking World Bee Day on May 20 with activities at its original apiary in Goodwood and new beekeeping operations worldwide.

Established in 2017 due to the decline in honeybee populations, the Goodwood apiary houses around 250,000 honeybees.

The honey produced is processed, jarred, and labelled by volunteer beekeepers and given to visiting clients and VIPs.

This year, 11-year-old Poppy Liddle, an honorary junior beekeeper, returned to inspect the hives.

Poppy, who first visited in 2021 after her own beehive was stolen, helped to shepherd a swarm of bees in a nearby tree to the apiary. She also inaugurated the newly renamed beehives. Initially named after Rolls-Royce models, the hives now bear names from the company's founding story, including Charles Rolls, Henry Royce, and Eleanor Thornton.

To celebrate World Bee Day, Rolls-Royce staff and the Chichester Beekeeping Association visited March CE Primary School. They educated children about bees' role as pollinators by examining beekeeping equipment and an empty hive.

Global apiaries

Building on Goodwood's success, Rolls-Royce has expanded its beekeeping activities internationally.

UAE: In 2021, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Middle East & Africa and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Dubai established an apiary in Dubai. It features six hives designed to withstand high temperatures and houses 60,000 Emirati honeybees, a local species. The apiary also serves as an educational hub, hosting workshops on the importance of pollinators.

South Africa: In 2023, Rolls-Royce partnered with the Grootbos Foundation to launch an apiary in Johannesburg. The six hives are located in a private nature reserve, which is home to diverse plant and animal species. The apiary supports the foundation’s conservation efforts.

Saudi Arabia: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Riyadh established five beehives in Baljurashi, a city in the Al Baha region known for its apicultural industry and annual International Honey Festival.

Oman: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Muscat installed four beehives at the Alila Jabal Akhdar resort, located 2,000 metres above sea level.

Bahrain: Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Bahrain is setting up five beehives in the Royal Golf Club's grounds near Manama.

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