Roofless Renault 4 revived from 1960s as electric Plein Air

PARIS: Renault is reviving its cult Plein Air, a doorless and roofless take on the Renault 4, from the 1960s — only this time, instead of the old 845cc petrol engine, the new edition of this no-frills runabout is powered by an electric motor from the Twizy.

The maker says its R4 e-Plein Air is a one-of-a-kind, built on a shortened version of the original platform. While the front panel imitates the look of the original radiator grille, a battery is now hidden where the rear seat was.

The manufacturer built the original car from 1968 to 1971 in a limited run of just 563 models that did away with the Renault 4's doors, windows and roof, offering just a rudimentary cover.

Among other things, the Plein Air 1968 was used for shuttle services at the World Exhibition in Montreal.
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