S. Korea's Infocar to enter Japan with new product

SEOUL: South Korean vehicle data platform Infocar says it will launch a new product to enter the Japanese market in the first half of 2024.

Infocar is a vehicle data analytics company that provides fleet management services using the OBD2 scanner "Infocar Smart Scanner" and the smartphone app "Infocar".

The company said its app has been downloaded over 8.5 million times.

The Infocar Smart Scanner uses technology and high-level data analytics to analyse vehicle health and take preventative measures before problems arise.

It gathers vehicle data from the internal Engine Control Unit (ECU) and enables drivers to assess the status of their vehicle using a smartphone app. This offers important information to facilitate safe driving.

2023-12-27 08_02_49-INFOCAR 인포카 - 차량데이터분석 전문기업 — Mozilla Firefox

The Infocar Smart Scanner is available for online purchase at an affordable price, making effective vehicle management accessible to anyone.

Drivers with an Infocar Smart Scanner would get a range of features through the Infocar app without any additional charge.

Key features include "Vehicle Diagnostics," enabling users to inspect their vehicle's fault codes, and "Monitoring," providing real-time access to driving data. Additionally, the app offers entertainment through the "Dashboard" feature, detailed data analysis via the "Detailed Driving Records" and "Driving Style" features, as well as streamlined vehicle management through the "Maintenance Records" and "Consumables Management" services.

Using just the Infocar Smart Scanner, drivers can monitor their vehicle's status through the Infocar app, facilitating easy vehicle management.

Infocar said it would launch "Infocar Biz" for insurers, rental companies, logistics operators, used car platforms, and corporate customers who need to manage a fleet of vehicles in the first half of 2024.

Vehicle data platform leader, Infocar launches new product to enter Japanese market

The Seoul-based company was founded in 2016 to address the knowledge gap in vehicle management, which has traditionally been the domain of specialists and requires specialised knowledge.

Infocar said it holds more than 30 intellectual property rights related to vehicle data analytics and has the top market share in South Korea. It claimed to have over 8.5 million users worldwide as of December 2023.
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