SAIC's MG unveils MG3 hybrid model for European market

GENEVA: MG Motors, a unit of China's SAIC today unveiled its hybrid hatchback MG3 model for the European market, taking advantage of slowing growth demand for electric vehicles by offering a lower-emission model without the need for charging.

A pure hybrid combines a fossil-fuel engine that charges a larger battery so the car can periodically run in electric, zero-emission mode.

MG said that the MG3's battery is larger than that provided by rival models, enabling to run emission free for longer. The model has so far only been on sale in Britain.

Legacy automakers have been racing to switch to EVs as quickly as possible and make them more affordable as Chinese EV makers start launching lower-cost models in Europe.

Demand for EVs has slowed because of a lack of affordable models and the slow rollout of charging infrastructure.

Founded in England in 1924, MG has been owned by SAIC since 2007.

Additional details

New from the ground up, the MG3 is both longer and wider than the model it replaces, freeing up more interior space for occupants, as well as offering the largest boot space in the hybrid B-segment class.

Designed by MG’s Shanghai studio, the all-new MG3 has a range of styling features for customers to choose from, including alloy wheels, LED headlights, and a new colour palette.

MG has introduced its Hybrid+ powertrain technology with the debut of the all-new MG3, marking the first time a conventional, non-plug-in hybrid system has been integrated into an MG model.


Comprising five core elements - engine, transmission, battery, electric motor, and generator - the Hybrid+ system emphasises efficiency while delivering impressive performance.

The MG3 becomes the fastest accelerating hybrid B-segment model in its class, achieving a 0-100kph sprint time of 8.0 seconds and a remarkable 80-120kph acceleration in just 5.0 seconds.

Combining a 75kW 1.5-litre petrol engine with a 100kW electric motor and a 1.83kWh battery, the MG3 Hybrid+ achieves economy figures of 4.4l/100km and emits 100g/km CO2.


This blend of power sources facilitates extensive electric-only driving, contributing significantly to efficiency gains.

The MG3 offers various powertrain operating modes, including EV mode for electric-only driving, Series mode where the engine powers the generator which, in turn, powers the electric motor, and Parallel mode where both engine and electric motor drive the wheels.

Drivers can select from three driving modes - Eco, Standard, and Sport - to tailor the car's responsiveness and performance characteristics.

Engineers have tuned the MG3's chassis and suspension to offer dynamic handling and high levels of comfort.


The MG3 prioritises a refined driving experience while maintaining MG's characteristic "fun-to-drive" ethos. Additionally, advancements in chassis stiffness and suspension design contribute to enhanced handling and ride comfort.

Furthermore, significant efforts have been made to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness, elevating the overall refinement of the driving experience. The car also somes with improved engine and suspension mounts, along with the use of sound-absorbing materials.

Three specs

The all-new MG3 arrives with three specifications for European customers – Standard, Comfort, and Luxury. Each of these are set to challenge other B-segment models in terms of technology and features offered as standard.

A standout feature for customers is the twin-screen cockpit. Drivers have a 7’’ digital instrument screen, as well as a 10.25’’ central infotainment system.

Graphics and responsiveness have been enhanced by MG engineers for the twin floating screens, and a bank of piano-key switches has been retained on the centre console to maximise safety and convenience while driving.


Satellite navigation is fitted as standard, as is smartphone integration through Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. MG iSMART provides levels of connectivity and features to MG3 customers that would more commonly be associated with premium models.

Other equipment highlights include air conditioning, six-speaker audio system with Bluetooth connection, four USB ports, and rear parking sensors and camera. Higher trim levels add leather-style upholstery, keyless entry, heated front seats and steering wheel, and 360-degree camera.


The MG3 also benefits from the latest Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Increased safety is delivered through MG Pilot technology, which includes Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning, and Traffic Jam Assist.

There are seven paint schemes available for European customers: Pebble Black, Dover White, Cosmic Silver, Pastel Yellow, Diamond Red, Hampstead Grey, Como Blue.

MG3 at a glance

> Advanced hybrid powertrain offers customers economy, refinement, and performance
> Fastest accelerating hybrid B-segment hatchback delivers real-world performance benefits
> Larger battery capacity than rivals enables zero-emission running for longer
> Versatile hybrid system includes separate generator, allowing for multiple hybrid modes
> Range of trim levels offers customers choice and exceptional value
> Dual-screen interior boosts premium feel in MG3
> MG iSMART and MG Pilot offer connectivity and improved safety
> New, larger dimensions include increased occupant space and load area

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