Schneider Electric and JusEV set up 180kW DC fast charger in PJ

PETALING JAYA: Schneider Electric is tapping into the growing need for electric vehicle (EV) charging in Malaysia with the launch today of its new 180kW EVlink Pro DC fast charger here.

The charging station at the Plaza 33 office tower also comes with two 22kW AC chargers.

The DC charger is capable of dynamic charging and features two front-mounted CCS2 guns.

DC charger users need to pay RM1.60/kWh while the AC charger is available at RM1/kWh. An idle fee of RM20/hour is imposed to curb hogging.

Payment is through the JusEV app. Users can also pay using credit/debit cars and selected e-wallets are accepted.

The public will have to wait a little longer to use the chargers as the station is not operational yet pending licensing approval by the Energy Commission.

The EVlink Pro DC features scalable power options ranging from 120kW to 150kW and 180kW, allowing for dynamic simultaneous charging of two vehicles to optimise power usage efficiency.

It also integrates with EcoStruxure EV Charging Expert, a load management system to intelligently allocate energy from the building to the EV charging stations in real time. This ensures maximum efficiency while also enhancing uptime and dynamically regulating charger outputs, addressing any concerns about overloading for EV owners.

Photo 6 - Signing ceremony between Schneider Electric and JusEV. From left to right_ Jason Wong, Managing Director, JusEV Charging Network Sdn Bhd; Eugene Quah, Country President of Malaysia, Schneider Electric an
Signing ceremony between Schneider Electric and JusEV on April 30, 2024. JusEV is Schneider Electric's first approved EV charger installer. From left: JusEV managing director Jason Wong;  Schneider Electric Malaysia president Eugene Quah; and Schneider Electric Malaysia vice president of residential & general distribution Francis Heng.

The charger is also equipped with built-in future-ready technology, including ISO15118 Plug and Charge and Smart Charging readiness, simplifying upgrades and modernisation efforts as well as ensuring that the infrastructure remains innovative and up to date.

The site at Plaza 33 - a certified "Green Building" with MSC status - is Schneider Electric's first public EV charging station here.

The chargers are installed and operated by JusEV Charging Network, which specialises in electrical vehicle supply equipment for home, public and commercial segments.

Schneider Electric and JusEV have jointly agreed to install over 100 chargers nationwide, with 10% being DC fast chargers, in both private and commercial buildings by 2024.

Schneider Electric Malaysia president Eugene Quah said 90% of EV charging are anticipated in buildings, and the company is prepared to facilitate the widespread adoption of EVs through accessible and efficient charging solutions.

Schneider Electric, a French multinational company, also offers a range of AC chargers designed for various environments.

For instance, its EVlink Parking can cater to a variety of parking settings, including offices, hotels, supermarkets, and municipal fleets, while the EVlink Smart Wallbox can be deployed in semi-public parking facilities and corporate EV fleets.

Schneider Electric also provides weatherproof and robust charger options like the EVlink Wallbox, which is suitable for tough environments in homes and private properties.

Expanding the AC charger lineup, Schneider Electric has introduced Schneider Charge to Malaysia this year. This new generation of smart residential EV chargers is an advanced AC charger that is competitively priced and ensures smart home integration without disrupting household appliances.
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