Scorpio Electric appoints e-motorcycle distributors in Japan and Europe

SINGAPORE: Scorpio Electric, Singapore’s first electric motorcycle manufacturer, has appointed distributors in Japan, the Philippines, Portugal and Spain.

Production and shipments of the Scorpio X1 electric maxi-scooter are expected to commence in Q4 2024.

The decision to appoint distributors in these markets is part of Scorpio Electric's strategic expansion to build a robust distribution network, fostering partnerships with industry players, and capitalising on emerging opportunities in the global electric motorcycle landscape.

Joshua Goh, CEO of Scorpio Electric said, "We have meticulously chosen these markets based on various factors, including the presence of passionate enthusiasts, a burgeoning two-wheeler consumer market, and a growing inclination towards electric mobility solutions. We are extremely excited for the upcoming months ahead as we enter into other territories in Europe and Southeast Asia. We have identified strong potential for market penetration and growth for the X1 within these regions."

Throughout the distributor selection process, Scorpio Electric has prioritised criteria such as local market network, expertise, established facilities and infrastructure, regulatory compliance, and a symbiotic relationship with the brand’s core values.

For several months now, Scorpio Electric has engaged in extensive discussions, ensured regulatory compliance in respective local markets, and collaborated closely with relevant authorities to facilitate a seamless market entry strategy for the X1.

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