Scrapping old cars made easy

KAJANG: The Transport Ministry has come up with a one-stop system to scrap abandoned cars in an effort to simplify the disposal of these junk vehicles.

Its minister, Anthony Loke, said the problem of abandoned cars has been burdensome for many local authorities and residents, with over 10,000 abandoned cars estimated in Selangor alone.

To address the issue, he said the ministry has launched an initiative where owners can de-register and dispose of their vehicles at licensed car scrapping facilities called Authorised Automotive Treatment Facilities (AATF).

The de-registration can be done quickly through the Online Motor Vehicles De-registration System (e-Dereg), said Loke.

“Owners can now avoid the hassle of heading to the Road Transport Department to de-register their cars,” said Loke during a visit to an AATF – Car Medic Sdn Bhd here yesterday.

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“This is a faster route as it only takes around five minutes to de-register with the owner’s identity card, thumbprint and car details at the AATF.

“After that, the owner can leave and let the car be scrapped,” he said, adding that the scrapping process only takes an hour.

According to Loke, this is to discourage owners with unwanted vehicles from abandoning them and to instead send the vehicles to the facilities.

The ministry is also considering allowing the system for local authorities to dispose of derelict vehicles, he said.

“Currently it is a tedious process, as the local authorities have to issue notices before confiscating the car and then apply to the court to de-register before sending the car for scrapping,” said Loke.

He also said there were only two AATF at the moment, one in Kajang and the other in Shah Alam.

“This is currently a pilot project and there are 10 AATF licences available. Other private facilities nationwide are encouraged to apply for the remaining eight licences,” he said.

On a related matter, Loke warned that owners must de-register their cars to avoid liability.

“If the car is sold as scrap metal, it is still registered with the owner. The scrap centre can still salvage and resell the car.

“When the car falls into the wrong hands and is used for crime, the liability will fall on the registered owner of the car,” he said.

Car Medic Sdn Bhd scheduled waste manager Joey Kwan said their facility would accept any vehicle whether it is a lorry, car or motorcycle.

“Currently, owners will have to walk in and de-register their vehicles with their thumbprints at our facility, though we do provide towing services.

“As for the purchase price of the car, it is based on the condition, model and location,” she said.

Kwan added that owners can be assured that the car disposal will be done in an environmentally-friendly manner as per Environment Department regulations.

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