Seoul office building becomes showcase for Hyundai and Kia robotic services

SEOUL: Hyundai Motor Group has deployed Hyundai Motor and Kia's "DAL-e Delivery" robot and Hyundai WIA's "Parking Robot" at Factorial Seongsu, a robot-friendly office building here.

The DAL-e Delivery robot offers beverage delivery, while the Parking Robot provides parking services, showcasing the group's latest technologies.

Hyundai Motor and Kia vice president and head of robotics lab Dong Jin Hyun said the goal is to make Factorial Seongsu the first building to implement the group's "Robot Total Solution".

2024-06-21 08_27_02-Hyundai Motor Group Powers Up Robotic Services at Smart Office Building in Seoul

This initiative includes expanding robotics services to more buildings and integrating various robots and facial recognition systems in smart buildings.

The group also plans to develop a multi-integrated control system for managing multiple delivery robots within this ecosystem.

The office building is managed by IGIS Asset Management. Hyundai WIA, a company under the Hyundai Motor group, produces automotive parts.

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